Shoriland is a nation along the small strip of taiga between the Blue Mountains and Belegaer. The region is surprisingly culturally diverse, with Northmen, Haladin, Lossoth, Elves, and Dwarves all inhabiting this region.

History Edit

In the First Age, Shoriland was known as Lothlann and was part of Ossiriand. With the Sinking of Beleriand, only a small sliver of land remained, and Lossoth tribes as well as the Haladin who did not go to Numenor settled there. After the Fall of Cardolan in the Third Age, the Northmen mercenaries fled to Lothlann, conquering the region and forming the nation of Shoriland. Shoriland grew in power, and soon dominated Lothlann. The mercenaries eventually interbred with the local population, forming the unique Shorilander culture of raiders and seafarers that exists today.

Culture Edit

Shorilander culture is well adapted to the wilderness of Shoriland. They worship Eru as a war god and often raid richer nations for wealth. Despite this, they are good and trustworthy merchants and only raid their enemies. In fact, the "Lothlien Guard" of the Kings of Arnor are an order comprised mostly of highly-trained Shorilanders.

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