What Are the South-Drakes? Edit

The South-Drakes are a group of dragons that live in the Far Harad Jungle. They are ruled by Gwathlhûg the Shadow Dragon. They are the ancestors of the Jungle Crocodile.


The Southdrakes were created by Morgoth just like all the other dragons. However, thse dragons were a mistake, for dragons are reptiles, and the South-Drakes did not have any fire in their lungs to keep them warm in the cold lands of the Fire-Drakes. Unlike other drakes, the South-Drakes were highly inteligent. Instead of staying and adapting to the cold, they flew South, found the warmest place in Middle Earth: The Far Harad Jungle.... When the Tauredain discovered the dragons in their jungles, they first were furious, then they started to fear them. Bellow is an account of an old Tauredain Shaman:

After Gazbuggy Eye lead a small patrol to investigate the Jungles to wipe the Tauredain from the face of Middle Earth, the South-Drakes helped, at the same time slaughtering some of the Haradrim (accidently). After the War of the Wrath, many of the South-Drakes died, yet the ones that survived were scattered, and did not show as much strength as they once did.


The South-Drakes culture was to plunder and kill everything and everyone in sight, which made them a difficult ally. They ruled over the Jungle for the Tauredain to fear them. They rarely flew West or East of the Jungle, for if they accidently kill one of Morgoth's allies, doom awaits them all.

Allies Edit

  • Mordor (Stong Ally)
  • Angmar (Strong Ally)
  • Tauredain (Strong Ally)
  • Northern Dragons (Strong Ally)
  • Gundabad
  • Uruk-Hai
  • Goblins
  • Near Haradrims
  • Half-Trolls
  • White-Uruks
  • Easterlings
  • Arukanji (Page Not Created Yet)
  • Corsairs of Umbar

P.S. The South-Drakes aren't allies or enemies with the Moredain.

Enemies Edit

  • Gondor
  • Dol-Amroth
  • Lothlorien
  • The Fair Realm
  • Greenwood
  • Ered Luin
  • Erebor
  • Iron Hills
  • Orocarni
  • Tauredain (Strong Enemy)
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