Quenta Silmarillon: Lost chapter

Regarding Southgard

"Thou fellow noldor and sindar. You shallest not go to the southern lands of Ea, the wild elves have taken up lives there.

- Fingon, high king of the Ñoldor.

The Southgard are the elves of the southern seas and jungles, and are a hidden race of elves. Very few mortal men, dwarves and even elves know they exist. Southgard is made up of Elves who went first west to valinor, but turned south to the massive jungles of the south. There they established their capital city of Southgard. Many of the elves pondered on what befell these elves, wether slain or taken. Many rumors appeared about these elves. All were rumors until of course fingon saw them with his own eyes. He hated them, with a burning passion. "They dared to upset the Valar with their selfishness," Fingon would say. As generations passed by, they slipped out of the worlds knowledge, and founded the city of Seagard in the high-seas of the southern ocean. These elves were like gods to the Tauredain. The Tauredain respected the elves and payed tribute and sacrifece, building great temples. But even that did not last for long, Sauron's rise to power forced the Tauredain to disappear into forgotten parts of the jungle abandoning the temples made for Southgard. Southgard for the next few thousand years grew in population and strength until the one ring was destroyed. By that time Southgard had great cities and castles spanning the ocean and the jungles of far harad. A few years later the corrupted elves, also known to be Nalt Illska rose to power conquering the east. Southgard made a stand lunging from the edge of the jungle at the corrupted elves at the battle of the rain (Far harad jungle Fourth Age: 1400) and defeating Nalt Illska. Southgard's victory only channeled the peoples of middle earth to fight back. Nalt Illska was defeated in a Southgard siege of the city Skior-Doraz and Nattie was defeated in the battle of Nalt Illska. Southgard today is mighty and all races of elves, men and dwarves look up to them. Until of course Nalt Illska's second rise. Then Southgard fell to the sea, lost. 

Major PeopleEdit

King Pyrder: Wisest and founder of southgard, one of the first elves who awoke in the elven awakening, slayer of foron.

Queen Tanelia: Wise, beautiful and powerful.

Prince Zelphar: Prince of the southgard, killer of morgulon.

Princess Sarya: Practices morgul crafts

Princess: Chalia: The only southgard elf to ever leave the ocean before Nalt Illska.

General: Tehlmar: Greatest battle tactician in middle earth.

Admirial: Pharom: King of the oceans as some people refer to him as.

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