The Steel Elves of the Misty Mountains are a very peculiar elvish race. They were once part of the Wood Elf Kingdom, but didn't like how Thranduil ruled. They journeyed south and split up, one half to Lothlorien and one half to found The Steel Elf settlement. They live in the Misty Mountains, are not expert archers, and are expert blacksmiths, hence their name. They are able to work mithril into very flexible armor. The Steel Elves are also able to work other metals, too. They can fuse metals to make odd but strong combinations. They melt materials such as mithril, mix it with softer materials, and weave their armor, allowing it to be more flexible, and durable than most elvish armors. They use the armor of Lothlorien, The High Elves, while using a mix of mithril and Lothlorien for higher ranking and give normal ranking Steel Elves Wood Elf armor. The higher ranking Steel Elves use mithril swords, while normal ranking Steel Elves use Lothlorien weaponry.

History Edit

The Steel Elves are a group of elves from The Misty Mountains, originating from the Woodland Realm. They were exceedingly good blacksmiths. They heard of the great power of mithril and desired to try working with it. They traveled to the Misty Mountains and set up a colony to escape the Woodland Realm and for opportunity with mithril armor making. The elves made an alliance with the dwarves of Moria to be given a supply of mithril in exchange for armor. Elves who wanted to learn the art of metal working were sent to the Steel Elves, who had become a faction themselves. After Moria was taken by orcs, the mithril supply was cut off. The Steel Elves were devastated, but continue to create wondrous armor out of other metals to this day.

Alliances and Enemies Edit

The Steel Elves, as said above, have become their own group. They are allied with all the elves even the Wood Elves, despite their past they respect all elves as allies. The Dwarves of the Iron Hills are also their allies. They are enemies of the White Uruks, Gundabad, and Angmar.

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