The Syuvia live far out in the oceans of the world. They are arguably the best at ship warfare and coastal assaults.

Physical Characteristics Edit

The Syuvia are tall and muscular, with webbed feet and what appears to be fins on their back. They also have gills allowing them to breath underwater. They are the fastest swimmers in middle earth.

Culture & Domain Edit

These elves are known for their underwater domes, and cities. Almost all the Syuvia elves live in domes that are underwater. The Syuvia elves are most known to live in their cities in the ocean, but they also have been seen at the city of Rasnoe at the bottom of the Peninsula of Rhun.

Military Edit

These elves are arguably the best at ship warfare and coastal assaults, due to them having the physical characteristics that they have. They are they unmatched in shipbuilding. A normal Syuvian battleship is at least 400 feet long, sporting 200+ cannons and having a top speed of 23.4 knots. They usually carry Seaite scimitars and Mirk-oak longbows.

Enemies/Allies Edit


  • Corsairs
  • Dol-Guldur
  • Mordor


  • Southgard (Vassal)
  • Galadhirm (Friends)
  • Avari (Friends)
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