Talos is the mysterious protector of the northern highlands of Middle Earth. Noone knows where he came from; some think he's a man, others think he is one of the Vala.

Talos Edit

Talos is a mysterious figure that has appeared multiple times in the first, second, and third ages. He is usually seen fighting orcs and creatures of that nature. He holds a hammer made of an unknown material - probably something only the Vala have access to.

Race Edit

Noone knows what Talo's race is. Some think he is one of the Vala. Some think he is a wizard. Some think he isn't even real. He stands very tall for most men, at roughly six feet three inches. He is very bulky, with bulging muscles.

Faction and Role Edit

Talos appears to have a hatred for orcs, and no relation to any other factions. Many think he protects the northern lands of Middle Earth, as he kills foul creatures to let fair men and elves pass. A few think there may be others like him, an entirely new collection of men. Many also think he is a Lhugadan of the Grey Mountains, or a Lossoth of Forodwaith.

Weapons Edit

Talos held an unnamed weapon, a hammer made of the metal of Valinor. It appears to be laced with rubies. Talos also appears to be good with a sword and a bow.

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