The Tedjin(Tedjin: Grand Warriors) are the descendants of Easterling mercenaries who settled on the east slopes of the Harad Mountains. They were originally a Chyan band of mercenaries who came to Bellakar during a civil war in the early Third Age.

History Edit

After coming to Bellakar, they supported the rebels under An-Pharzin before they turned their backs on him and became the rulers of Bellakar. Under Batou Jochea, they ousted the Black Numenorian Kings and ruled until the 600s. After a period when they were subjugated and enslaved, a Tedjin named Joam-Tuv, a concubine of King Ar-Zagamakhan III, seized the throne and formed the Teijin Katajaan(Tedjin: Grand Khanate) of Qadjadar. The Black Numenoreans later took back the throne, but the Tedjin formed the Katajaan of Mardruak north of Bellakar. In Third Age 1300, King Romendacil II of Gondor conquered the Katajaan and they became nomads roaming east of the Harad Mountains.

Culture Edit

Tedjin culture is similar to Chey and Chyan Easterling culture, as well as possessing several Black Numenorean elements. The Tedjin language is similar to Earth's Cuman with Persian and Adunaic influences. The Tedjin take no side in the War of the Ring, but continue to plot and scheme to retake Bellakar.

Diplomatic relations Edit

Allies: Umbar

Friends: Moredain

Neutral: Near Harad, Raj, Dinzeeros

Disliked: Mumak-Khazad, Tauredain, Half-Trolls

Enemies: Bellakar

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