History Edit

The Artic Claws lived in the misty mountains decedents of Melkor's werewolves. They served in the latter part of the War of Wrath, then fled into the Misty Mountains with Durin's Bane (the Balrog). Here they became sentient wolves, and intellect thrived among them. The Arctic Claws even formed a type of speech, albeit very primitive. As the Werewolves died out, and the Wargs tamed by evil, the Claws were the only hunters still left in the wild. But, as time progressed, they became more and more drawn to the Northern evil, just above the main Misties. This power was the White Uruks, who were battle hardened warriors of the North. As the Arctic Claws moved up to the colder mountains in the North, these White Uruks captured some of them. The Uruks were awed by the intelligence of these wolf-like beings, and tried to tame them. Of course, the Claws were too smart to be traditionally tamed, and so, as too seperate factions, opened a trade. Claws for the Uruk's military, and meat and land for the Arctic Claws. This started the growth of a combined power, that will soon spread from the North...

Description Edit

These wolves are large, bulky creatures that have thick white coats and 2 inch fangs. On their hind legs, they stand up to seven feet tall, and have much power in their legs. They are smart, and equip themselves with a type of armor; wood laced with brambles, this will deter any beast that thinks to attack. They have ice blue eyes, and can sometimes be confused with Wargs, if not for their white coat.

Currently Edit

Currently the Arctic Claws live in several large tribes that inhabit the Northern Misty Mountains, some Tundra, and even Forodwaith. From here they hunt stray Angmar and Gundabad Orcs, as well as any merchants that stumble onto their territory. The tribes will never war with each other, but occasionally they will have border skirmishes. These beasts look down on their less developed cousins the Wargs, and will always assert their dominance if the chance presents itself. These are fierce warriors, but can be easily destroyed by a large, well trained army...

Known White Wolves Edit

Aethelwulf : The current and strongest alpha the Arctic claws He has Fierce white and blue eyes, muscles across his entire body, is extremely fast, and has claws sharper than Anduril.

Lycaon: A White  wolf that was captured by HeavenStone and used in its genetic enhancement experiments

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