The Bron are a race of men hailing from the North.

Characteristics Edit

The Bron are hardy and muscular people that are a bit taller than the average Gondorian. Their skin is a bit pale as they live primarily in the tundra north of Rhun. They also either have blond or brown hair with eyes the color of ice.

Culture & Domains Edit

The Bron originated from a medium sized island to the east of Middle Earth. After their homeland started to practically freeze over, the Bron created large transport boats and headed west in search of a new home. The Bron landed on the shores of Rhun but quickly migrated north to more familiar climates. The Bron culture is a culture of battle and honor. The Bron believe that to die with a sword in your hand is the only way to get into the Hall of Valor, their idea of heaven. When an important Bron dies, he is buried in the deepest chamber of a massive sprawling crypt usually built into a mountain. The Bron are also known to be short tempered and impatient, however, they are also the most loyal and trustworthy people you'll ever meet.

The Bron hierarchy is divided into 6 distinct classes

-The High King: Ruler over all the Bron

-The 10 Jarls: Rulers over the 10 provinces of the tundra

-The Nobles: Rulers over small estates in the Kingdom

-The Warriors: Soldiers of the High King

-The Merchants: Rich traders who bring wealth to the kingdom

-The Workers: Men and Women who work the fields, smiths, and everything else

Enemies/Allies Edit


  • Northern Easterlings
  • The Stiffbeard Clan (Rivalry)


  • The Ironfists Clan
  • The Blacklocks Clan
  • The Stonefoots Clan
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