The Aerisothotic Church was an Empire that focused on not interfering with things that are not interfering with you. The Aerisothotic Church was located in the middle of Belegaer, so no race would interfere with them.

History Edit

The Aerisothotic Church was the most powerful religious group in Arda. It was created by  Aerisothotius I .The Church consisted of the Lost Race of Illuvitar. Later on, after the Unknown War, the some Unknown joined the Church, and soon all that were still walking on Arda became part of it as well. Nothing more is known about the Church of the  Aerisothotic Order, other than what states above.

Members Edit

Aerisothotius I founded the Aerisothotic Order, which later turned into the most religious Church in Arda. Some Unknown: Tardasihjk and Jorkihslkt were great priests of the Church, and helped defend off sea pirates of Umbar.

Religion Edit

The Religion of the Church was worshipping Illuvitar, yet they did not sacrafice, or praise him. The  Aerisothotic Order worshipped the Daughter, a spirit that is said to destroy all evil, and eat all good. She can take any form, and will appear at the Final Clash, an event that is doomed to happen when both Evil and Good become so powerful, a war that would last three trillion years, and yet, the forces will be equal. At the end of the Final Clash, the Daughter will come, and engulf all Evil, good or small, and tranquility will come to the Universe, and stay that way until the End of Days. The End of Days is when the Universe will disappear, and there will be another world, and world that all the Good goes when it dies, a perfect world. That world will never die, for Illuvitar himself will give his life, so his children can live in happiness and tranquility forever.

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