Custom Lore even has a Minecraft Mod! It's not official, just a little project a few of us here are working on..

Custom Lore Mod Edit

That's right, a few of the people on this Wiki are creating a Minecraft Mod using MCreator! We'll be adding everything, if we can. The mod is currently in development, and Beta 1.0 will be released sometime within the next month. Don't expect the Mod to be good at first; we're terrible coders. We're looking for some coders, texturers, and modelers to help us anyways.

The Mod Team Edit

Here are all the people currently working on the Mod, as follows:

VideoGamer0516 - Coding, Texturing, and Modeling

7777c - Helping in general, Tester

obsidianwizard- All simple things, testing, and most of all- texturing

Dunethunder76mx- Coding, texturing, modeling

TheBlueWizard- texturing, tester

The Updates Edit

One Mod to Rule Them All - Beta 2 - Version 1.7.10



+ Nimrolite Ore

+ Reinforced Stone Brick

+ Angband Brick

+ Lossoth Brick

+ Promethean Brick

+ Bulls

+ Glamdring

+ Umaiar Armor

+ Wainrider Scimitar

+ Umaiar Broadsword

+ Wraivorn Cutlass

+ Nimrolite Crystal

- Fixed a bug where Sunsteel would appear in the blocks tab of the creative menu

- Nerfed Wraivorn Armor

- Fixed the texture for Wraivorn Armor

- Fixed the texture for Wainrider Armor

Place bugs on the comments of the Mod's Wiki page.

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