The Dark Council is an alliance of orcs, trolls, and other traditionally "evil" races formed to protect their interests in the middle Fourth Age

History Edit

The Dark Council was founded by the charismatic orc Arthod, who ruled a village in Mordor called Bezradh Cheg. Arthod witnessed the Gondorian persecution of orcs, and he saw that the orc tribes were too disunited to protect themselves. Spreading a message of unity and protection to the scattered orcish peoples, many tribes and clans, notably including the Uruk-Hai Rangers in the northwestern regions of Rohan and the Lost Wargs of Barad-Dur flocked to his banner. The newly-formed league drove the Gondorians out of Gorgoroth, and Arthod's son Hamara negotiated a peace between Gondor and the Dark Council. The Warcamp of Zaran Nuurg was rediscovered in the Eastern Desolation west of the Deathlands, and rebuilt into a formidable fortress. The abandoned farm-fields of Nurn, formerly home to slaves, became the lands of free orcs who grew rye and morgul-shrooms. With the scattered orcish tribes finally under a strong ruler, the land of Mordor established a powerful, peaceful kingdom for the first time since the Ashkhans of Nurn in the middle Third Age.

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