The Erechian People's Geography Edit

The Erechian People are multiple Elven Tribes around the South of the Ered Nimrais White Mountains).

Around the middle of the 4th age they moved to this place, and prospered with Gondorian aid.

After the Hussar Anarion rebuilt Erech, those Elven Tribes started to live there, and learned magics of the oldest times.

The Erechian People were key in the Harad-Gondor Conflict.

The Erechian People's Life Style Edit

The Erechian people were tribal, until Erech was rebuilt by Hussar Anarion, They mainly farmed for food, but also hunted with great skill.

They grew: Corn, grapes, potatoes, carrots, wheat, and beans (They also gathered Wild Rice)

They hunted: Boar, pigs, sheep, deer, Orcs (If they saw them) rabbits/hares, and Cows

The Erechian people were very smart, so they had strong buildings and equipment, much better then the Far Harad People

They Built mainly with Spruce woods, and the Gondorian Rock from the Ered Nimrais.

The Erechian People's Military Edit

Before Gondor started helping these elves, they fought like Indians, nice and quite, they were known for their archers.

After Gondor showed them shields and better armors, they had people like Legionaries of Rome, they were tough to beat, and almost never tired. They used metals like Copper, Tin, and Silver before Gondor aided, then it also include Iron, Gold and Diamond (rarely). They were ranked like this: Swordsman = Privates and up, Archers = Recruits and up, Heavy Armored were Lieutenants, and Corporals were Cavalry led by Anarion of Lebennin. They never used Scythes, Axes, or rocks in their fighting.

Leaders of the Erechian People Edit

The first was Hussar Anarion after the rebuilding of Erech, He died after the Harad-Gondor Conflict

The 2nd was Elphir Hammerfist of the Gilderim Tribe. He died fighting Harad for a raid.

The 3rd was an elf named Imlaridan of the Sylian Tribe, He died on a trip to Imladris.

The 4th is Gwindor Tiwele of the Nolderin Tribe.

Tribes of the Erechian People Edit

There are the Nolderin People known for their blades and swordsmen.

There are the Sylian People Known for their Archers and Assassins.

There are the Gilderim known for their builders and architects.

There is the Dorwidrim known for their brewers and bakers.

There is the Avrin known for their Silent Cavalry.

Last is the Eldadain known for their scouts, spies, Scholars and Magic Users

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