History Edit

The Fair Realm in the 4th Age was deserted more or less. Gil~Galad was found alive, and met Andarr, which befriended him. When Gil~Galad went on the Glittering Throne, he ruled Lindon, and made it Fair and Free, like it should have been, but wasn't already. Lindon conquered many places, and became stronger than Bedrock, and richer then Dwarves. Nat Illska fell. but Lindon survived. Doll Aronarr fell, Lindon survived. The Ranger's of the Black Gate fell, Lindon survived. And all of that shall always be true. Kingdoms may fall, but Lindon shall survive.

The Fair Realm through time Edit

SA.1 Gil~Galad establishes Lindon.

SA. 3434 Gil~Galad is taken to Cirth Ungol, where he is mistaken as dead.

FA. 120 Nalt Illska falls, Gil~Galad takes Lindon's throne.

FA. 142 Dol Aronarr falls.

FA. 231 The Rangers of the Black Gate fall

FA. 231 Mithlond is invaded 5 times.

FA. 259 North Western Lindon is invaded by Utumno's armies.

FA. 261 North Western Lindon is taken back by the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor, as well as the Fair Realm.

FA. 357  Gil~Galad is now banished from Lindon, Gil~Galad insults the magician that claims to be Ulmo and a Gondorian Wanderer that helped a weak Morangdi by a name of Eristor. His name is cursed and will once one will destroy him, from where he came from, the Rocks of the Mountains of the East Deathland. The Reunited Kingdom watched and laughs, at how Gil~Galad can be so weak

FA. 499 Gil~Galad has taken a ship that he alone made, and sails to the Undying Lands, where he is not accepted, and must stay some time in Arda, before it is the time, and not all hope is lost.

FA. 675 The Nomads of the North raid many of Northern Arnor.

FA. 689 Eristor is murdered, and the Reunited Kingdom stares in awe at how Gil~Galad was the one behind the Nomads attacking, and bow to him.

FA. 700 The Noldor Empire is made.

FA. 708 The War of the Unknown starts.

FA. 731 The War ends, and Gil~Galad is trapped in the Ruin of Time.

FA. 893 Gil~Galad returns to the Empire, and rules it with a Iron Fist

And this is the End of the Noldor Empire and Lindon's history. Now, we shall await until more will happen

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