The Forest of Wrath was the Greatest Forest of Arda that ever existed. The Forest is not visible to the Eye of Evil, nor to any Man, Elf, or Dwarf who is carrying a Axe. This Forest stretches from the Brown Lands to the very North of Lorien. The Ents of Fangorn, and Fangorn himself, kept this Forest hidden from the sight of All, however, when the Fourth Age rose, it becameth become a secret no more.

Location Edit

The Forest stretches from the Brown Lands to the very North of Lorien, as well as Fangorn and is always growing. The Forest is the only place where there are Entwives, thus little young Entlings are born, and the Forest growns and grows. In the Center of the Forest, there is Lake Tasarin, also known as Lake Willow. Tasarin is the Ent that became more Tree-like and is the Willow that stands by the Lake. Swans (possibly descendants of the Swans of Amon Aqua) were largely populated here, and it is said, that Tasarin is the Highest of All Trees, and Higher than All Mountains. It is also said that on top of the Willow, Yavanna looks upon the Forest, and now cries tears of joy! upon the Forest. She protects the Forest with all here might, and the Ents have already conquered some Orcs of Mordor.

Inhabitants Edit

The inhabitants of the Forest are mostly Ents, Entwives, and Entlings. There are also swans, boars, wild animals, Elk, friendly wolf, and rabbits, if I told you, my friend, all that lived there, the End of All would come before I could finish. Radagast the Brown moved from Rhogsbel to The Forest, and helps the animals with wounds, and if a animal is hungry and lonely, Radagast the Bird-Tamer will feed it up.

Threats Edit

Mordor constantly invades The Forest, but does not stand as a threat to the Forest. Yavana is watching, and Yavana will fight. There really are no threats to The Forest. For now. The Overlord hath seen this. The Overlord will remember...

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