"Then, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... Wiiiiitthh.... A HERRING!"

-The Knights who say Ni

The Knights who say Ni are scattered about in many forests across Earth, MIddle-Earth, and any place with a language. The Knights are the guardians of the sacred words: Ni, Peng, and Neee-wom. They do not fight with swords or any other conventional weapon. Instead, they will repeatedly say "NI" to an opponent until they have subdued them. To pass them, you must perform three tasks, the third always being to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring. Many who meet the Knights refuse to perform the tasks.

History Edit

The origin of the Knights who say Ni are unknown, but it is likely that some deity assigned them the role of guarding the sacred words. One of the most famous encounters with them was when King Arthur of the Brits was told to bring... A SHRUBBERY! It was a most difficult task indeed, considering the shrubbery had to be both nice but not too expensive. Then, they had to bring the Knights who say Ni... ANOTHER SHRUBBERY! But this time, it had to be slightly taller to give them a two level effect. Then they had to put a path down the middle. By then, his company had joined up again, and he was able to continues on.

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