At F.A. 700, Gil~Galad establishes a Empire that he started to build while he was a nomad. After 8 years the War of the Unknown starts, and when the Emperor was absent, Lindon fell in chaos. But Gil~Galad returned, and stopped the chaos. Now I shalt tell you more specifically, about the Noldor Empire...

History Edit

In the year 700 of the Fourth Age, Gil~Galad murders Eristor, and becomes an Elvenking of Lindon. Though unofficially, the Taiga, Tundra, and Forodwaith up north belongs to him, for the Nomads of the North conquered it, unofficially. It did, however, become an official part of Lindon, making Morgoth to move back to the original Utumno, far East, more eastern than the Orocarni Mountains. In eight years after the Empire's rise, the Unknown War starts. After 23 years, it ends. Gil~Galad gets trapped in Time's Ruin, and lives there for another 162 years. Finally, at F.A. 893, Gil~Galad gets out of the Ruin, and the true glory of the Empire begins.

The Burning of JegadrozEdit

JegadRoz was burned by the Noldor in the year F.A. 900. It's leader, Erdiak, was publically accused of stealing from the ruin of Gondolin (how else do you think he got a Gondolinian Sword), and he was dropped into the black hole, called Fate0666666 using the 2WORDIS. Jegadroz's people were sold into slavery, or if you were a government official, burned at the stake, and drowned in the water.


The Noldor rule over these territories:


All that is West of Lindon, excluding Valinor

Forodwaith (conquered as nomads)

Tundra (conquered as nomads)

Taiga (conquered as nomads)

An eigth of Rhun (conquered as nomads when destroying the Raiders of Azagol)

Deathlands (conquered as nomads).

Allies and EnemiesEdit

All that are allies with the Noldor, are Noldor's allies. All that are not with the Noldor, are disliked by the Noldor. All that are enemies with them, are enemies to the Noldor as well.

Gil~Galad, Noldor Emperor

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