History Edit

The Noldor Empire formed when Gil~Galad took the Throne of Lindon, and took the Deathlands, as well as a vast amount of Forodwaith, and the Tundra. Emperor Gil~Galad had 5 troll slaves carry the TORDIS from the Ash Mountains to the Deathlands. However, something went wrong when this happened. A dimension opened up, and a lot of unknown species came forth, with weapons none have seen, and killed all the trolls. Gil~Galad commanded to attack the unknown species, and it became war. Middle Earth was no longer safe. The Unknown conquered a lot of land, and put Nalt Illska to shame. The Unknown however did not understand, that the only way they got here, was through time. There was one who did, and that was Gil~Galad. Rohan, Mordor, Gondor, Harad, Anduin, Arnor, Utumno, were conquered. The only last lands where Lorien, Greenwood, and the Noldor Empire Gil~Galad found out, that to make a dimension open, you need the Timestone to duplicate itself. So, inside this Timestone, there was another inside. If the outer shell was destroyed, the Unknown would be destroyed, and the only thing that can destroy it, would be the Ice Cold water of Forodwaith. The Timestone broke into pieces, and a new stone was made, and when Gil~Galad put the new Timestone in the TORDIS, it took him to a desolation. A barren landscape, where lived nothing, but the Unknown. They longed to leave this hell, but couldn't, so they attacked Arda. The TORDIS was suddenly doing something it shouldn't have. It was flying in circles and everything inside was crashing. The TORDIS crashed, and could not be fixed. Gil~Galad was stuck in the desolation to the End of Time itself, for Elves were immortal, and even the mortal couldn't die here. Here was a prison and this was where all the Time Travelers went when the Timestones were destroyed. All that was needed to come back was a tiny Timestone and that is the only thing Gil~Galad had. He could build another TORDIS but he saw that nothing but stone was present around this world. No structures. He had a plan though. A plan, that could make another time machine, the 2WORDIS.©

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