The Overlady (Nattie) is the wife of the Overlord. She can change form, and gave the sight of her Third Eye to a Witch of the South.

Traits Edit

The Overlady's trait was to be beautiful, but at the same time, deceiving. She could see the future.

Birth, Marriage, Childhood Edit

The Overlady was made by the Overlord to have a wife. He was feeling all alone, and he made her just to marry her. She was born about a million years before the shaping of Arda, making her one of the many eldest species of the Universe. The Overlady grew in a parallel universe, where everything was perfect from the Overlord's point of view. After the Shaping of Arda, this universe was destroyed, and the Overlady wanted to have revenge upon Arda every since (which the Overlord planned her wanting).

Nalt Illska Edit

The Overlady came to Arda, to deceive some very foolish Elves, known as Nalt Illskans. They believed that the Overlady was really Nattie, an evil Eru Illuvitar. However, their foolishness made them fall, really believing that "Nattie" was Eru Illuvitar's evil sibling or self. She came to love the Nalt Illskans, because they loved Her. She and the Overlord decided to recreate them, and they would lead the legions to victory.

Achievements Edit

  • Creating a whole entire Empire, called Nalt Illska.
  • Creating the First Time Machine, the FTM, later called the TORDIS.
  • Being married to the most powerful being the Universe.
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