One form of the overlord

The Overlord is the Greatest Rival of Eru Illuvitar. The Overlord is not one of his Kin, nor did Illuvitar create him, but it is thought of him being the Dark Side of Eru. He had a small humble servant, that did all that he told. The Overlord is known as the greatest ally of Nalt Illska, when Eru tried to stop it. However, just like Eru, The Overlord is immortal, and can only be stopped by putting him in a unbreakable prison, a cube out of the hardest rock that ever existed.

The Unknown War Edit

The Overlord is known to have lingered long in the War of the Unkown, and as well as falling into the Ruin of Time, and staying there, wrecking the Unkown's houses, ruining their crops, and corrupting them. Once, he will be released, and the Universe and all of Eru's making will be His, and only His. He will use the Universe and destroy some, and devour the rest, for the Overlord is always hungry, and only destroys and corrupts...

Not to be confused with: Edit

The Overlord is NOT Nattie of Nalt Illska. Nattie is the Overlord's Wife, also referred to The Overlady. The Overlord has no relationship to Morgoth, and if they fought, The Overlord would crush Morgoth with his pinky toe.

Weakness Edit

The Overlord's great weakness is his Greatest Strength. Nobody knows his Greatest Strength, so nobody knows His Greatest Weakness. Shall I say more?

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