eLocation of The Redwood Edit

The Redwood is a large wood full of Cherry, Red Mirk, and Maple trees.

It is located over the Ruins of Fornost

Inhabitants of The Redwood Edit

Many orcs hide within the dark thickness of the trees of the wood and at the edges

Redwood Guardians are the finest troops in this wood and usually come from Elf Warriors and Redwood Rangers

Redwood Rangers are the 2nd strongest troops in these woods coming from Rangers

Huorns and Ents reside within the trees and in the secret grove a Balrog is trapped forever in its cage

Cities and Towns Edit

The Main Castle/city is Celon Redwood, located in the middle of the Redwood

A Large town to the Southwest of Celon Redwood is Plainsfood which is out on the Plains across the Rivers

Hidden Halls is located in the west in the Greenwood, a place turned green by the last druids in the area

Medium Town is Britfar south of Celon Redwood

Small Towns are Wildfire which is East of Celon Redwood and Trenchwood directly North of the Castle

Rebel Villages are: Neverholt Village (Fallen) Windwhistle, Hardshot, Many Orcs home, Surgeattack

Orc Citadel is in the north in the Fallen Wood, a place corrupted and chopped down by orcs.

Reign of The Redwood Ends Edit

Redwood's Bane he is named,

slaughterer of good,

He has not been baned,

End of the wood.

The Balrog, Redwood's Bane has escaped and burned The Redwood to ashes, a monument is the only reminder left besides charred wood and metal.

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