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Characters Edit

  1. Erdiak
  2. Angrochben
  3. Vor
  4. Gombur
  5. Gror
  6. Revision of Galad
  7. Seregon
  8. Lucifer
  9. Tervis
  10. Veryn
  11. Electhor
  12. Harper
  13. Revision of Andarr

Factions Edit

  1. Dol-Aronarr
  2. Valthar
  3. Ka'ax Toliath
  4. The Red Vale
  5. Tol Numenog
  6. South Trolls
  7. Dark Trolls

Items Edit

  1. Serceret
  2. Ithicarion

Events Edit

  1. The Battle of Dol-Aronarr
  2. Battle of the Void Gate
  3. The War of Souls (series of battles and conflicts concerning Mornash's dominion over Middle-Earth)
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