Thorongodil was a Gondorian Lord. He ruled most of the Sea that Gondor bordered. At the Battle of Minas Morgul, Thorongodil made a alliance with Sauron, and he agreed to tell Sauron the plans of Gondor, if Sauron would give him a reasonable amount of money. However, times had changed, and he did not have access to Gondor's Archives, and was rarely told the ideas of Gondor on council meetings. While Sauron was waiting for the new, Thorongodil disappeared with the money. Sauron in rage decided to destroy the Lord at all costs. Mordor's ships hunted Thorongodil to Tol Falas, where his story was thought to be ended. For 20 years this story has been told, and once when a small fellowship of Elves sailed to Tol Falas, they found a Golden Pyramid. When they entered, they were surrounded by Bandits. The King of the Bandits was none but Thorongodil himself! The Company was hunted, and at one last Battle, Thorongodil fell, with all his precious gold, and he fell to the bottom of the Great Sea, that once he ruled. The Golden Pyramid however was not broken, the thieves decided to take it apart. When they moved one brick of Gold, the Pyramid fell on the remaining thieves.

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