This place was a great stronghold of the Haradrim, the most fortified location in the south. It had the greatest military in all of Harad.

Location Edit

Tol Torog was an island located just off the coast of Pertorogwaith. In the center of the great island was a fortress, that held most of the island's inhabitants. All over the rest of the island were lesser tents, outposts and huts, none as great as the main keep.

Inhabitants Edit

The island holds many men, taken from the north, in Umbar and Near Harad. These men were hardened and wore shining black armor. The island was also home to half-orcish slaves, south-trolls, and Corsairs of Umbar.

Landscape Edit

Tol Torog was a fortress on a huge volcano. The terrain is either plains, or rocky land with burned trees and lava pits. The grass is blackish in some places, and it is in some spots up to a foot tall. Parts of the island are covered in graves of valiant warriors.

Etymology Edit

Tol Torog means "Troll Island" in Sindarin.

Notable Treasures Edit

The vault of Tol Torog held the ancient bow, Flamelash, and the ring of the Inferno. Also held here is much gold, mithril, and silver. Scattered across the fields are broken pieces of Wraivorn, Steel, and Dol-Aronarren weapons and armor.

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