The Wasache are the scattered tribes and nations of the Red Desert of Near Harad, a hardy race able to withstand the harsh conditions of the desert..... and even thrive there.

History Edit

The Wasache's history begins in the First Age before the settlement of Harad. Most ancestors of the Haradrim reached there through crossing the deserts of Khand and the Red Desert, scattering into the various peoples of Harad. The Wasatch Confederacy("Cactus-blood" in Primitive Easterling) soon formed among the tribes and groups that had decided to stay in the Red Desert, a confederacy that united many otherwise distinct tribes. Later in the Second Age, the confederacy broke up, with the now intermixed tribes fighting nearly constantly. However, the coming of Sauron forced them to unite, and the Wasache Confederacy was formed and successfully drove out the Dark Lord's armies. The Wasache remained a decentralized but still united confederacy well into the Fourth Age.

Culture Edit

The Wasache have a very developed and complex mythology, with a large pantheon of gods and spirits who are said to create and influence the mortal world daily. These spirits can be communicated with in many ways: through the use of the Katzine dolls made to gibe a spirit an "avatar" that can be communicated with, the entheogenic cactus known as Paii-Ute which is said to bring the user into the "Dreamtime" or Spirit Realm, or through the rituals of the Sweat Lodge, a building where they perform ceremonies to commune with the Fire God, the chief deity of their pantheon. Despite its tropical location, the region can get very cold at night, with winter nighttime temperatures nearing that of Eriador!

Other aspects of their culture include the Vision Quest, a rite of passage where a young man or woman goes into the wilderness of the Desert alone for a month so that the Spirits can grant them a path to follow in life, as well as the Hekahe, mock battles staged every ten years to re-enact the defeat of Sauron by the Wasache and the freeing of the Fire God from his prison.

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