Smaug, the last of the living dragons, was killed by Bard with a black arrow, but what if the shot was only a wound?

The New Scenario Edit

In this scenario, Bard only glazes Smaug and doesn't hit his weak spot. In this scenario Smaug destroys the ruins of Lake-town then, glazed by the black arrow, spirals down into the lake while Bard takes the crew to attack Thorin Oakenshield. This would most likely have wildly changed the results of the Battle of the Five Armies. First of all, Smaug would have come out of the lake. He would then smell Dain's army going to assist Thorin. Smaug would kill the dwarves. If this happened, Thorin would lose the battle. Smaug would then advance toward Thranduil and Bard. He would also kill them. This would make Legolas the new elvenking, and prevent the founding of Dale. So the battle would be between Azog and Thorin's company. The eagles wouldn't show up because they were afraid of Smaug. Smaug would wander in and kill all of them, excluding Bilbo. This would prevent the birth of Gimli, or the existence of the Beornings. Smaug would then reclaim his place as king under the mountain, and would then eventually find Bilbo and eat him. Smaug would find the ring, and either keep it or return it to Sauron. Frodo would never had been adopted, Dol Guldur would have claimed more land under the banner of the necromancer, and the north would have been swarming with monsters.

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