General Information Edit

Zdarvok is a state located in far-eastern Rhûn, past the Orocarni, on a peninsula in the Eastern Sea. It has no government, and is a land of wanderers and outlaws. The people who live here are not one singular race -- they are a conglomeration of men, orcs, dwarves, half-trolls, and Avari, living as peacefully together as one might find in an anarchy.

Capital City Edit

Life in Zdarvok is dangerous. Crime is legal, but nearly everyone is packing. Amongst the gangs, vagabonds, and mercenaries is their capital city, Dulfury.

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." - Obi Wan

Imagine a gigantic Wild West city mixed with South-Central Los Angeles, and then take away all government and you have Dulfury. Capital city is hardly a term to describe it, as it is the only city on the small peninsula. All other residents live in small clans in the hills.

The People Edit

The people of Zdarvok are unruly and boisterous. Not all of them are inherently immoral, but everyone in Zdarvok has a strong distrust in authority. They prefer to keep things in a state of controlled chaos.

Allies Edit

  • Certain tribes in Rhûn
  • The Avari

Enemies Edit

  • Mordor, or more specifically, Sauron as he represents control and tyranny
  • The Elves, as they represent order

Neutral Edit

Zdarvok is neutral with all other faction, either because they have no knowledge of Zdarvok, or vice versa.

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