Zearus Silvershade, is the current Shogun of the Meiyo people.

Traits Edit

Zearus is one of the few possessing all seven of the traits that are looked up to by the Meiyo people. He is also irritable.

Backstory Edit

Zearus was born with the creation of the world, he is a secret child of Eru Iluvatar. He is emotionless though, not having any allegiance to any side, meaning the Meiyo peoples are not dedicated good or evil. He became Shogun around FA 825, and is still ruling to this day.

Race Edit


Weapons Edit

He wields duel crystal blades named Crysn & Cryivin and a bow named Cryizov. He can also be seen using pikes and battle staff's in duels with challengers.

Achievements Edit

  • Leading his people to victory out of the Nalt Illskan war.
  • Becoming Shogun (easier said than done)
  • Walking every region of Endor.
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