The Zemgal League is a nation of merchants and sailors native to the island of Hrafnaland in Forodwaith.

History Edit

The Zemgal League was organised during the rule of Svarnar, eighth Stadthrat of the city of Zemgale. Svarnar had connections to the patrician families in Kiel and Kurgal, and he used his great wealth to persuade the other city-states to join his confederation. After a small war with the city-state of Hirmayei on the small island of the same name near Hrafnaland, the Zemgals had secured control of a major trade route between the Lossoth in the west and the Fourteen Kingdoms of Illuin in the east. The city-states were soon to prosper more than ever!

The League of Issgard, being jealous of this wealth, launched an attack soon after the formation of the Zemgals, and while their war still continues, the Issgardians are focusing on their war with the Aristaeus and the Zemgals care more for trade than war so the conflict only consists of minor skirmishes.

Diplomatic Relations Edit

Friends: Northern Hrafnalanders

Trading Partners: Fourteen Kingdoms of Illuin


Neutral: Aristaeus

Enemies: Issgard

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